Meet like-minded young expats online and initiate genuine conversations in real life. Meraki Creatives share thoughts on everyday life topics.

Whatever you are going through, we are here with you on your self-care journey, just as you are with us on ours.


Join the young expatriate community and thrive together on MeWe starting in 2021.


You can see our well-being journey recorded on Instagram. Click to see the conversations👇


The Meraki Duo 👫

Gloria & her partner

At Meraki Creatives, the Meraki Duo live by the motto "be meraki". They do what they love, and to an extension that, they do their best.

Hong-kongers turned Sydneysiders, Gloria and her partner compliment each other on their healing and self-discovery journey.  The dream team believes that through practicing self-care and learning from the experienced, we can find our inner peace, then focus on topics that truly matters.


Hi, Meraki Friend!

Please remember to put yourself first. You are the most crucial asset in your journey.

The Meraki Duo help according to their capacity because no one is a super-person in real life. We hope that you can focus on your self-care journey first, then lend a hand when you can.

At Meraki Creatives, we focus on genuiness to people (i.e. ourselves and people around us.)

Through writings, photography and illustrations that address challenges in our lives, we lift one another up in truthful conversations.

One note on it though: privacy comes first. We don't stress on opening up to everyone. We hope that you find the community a comfortable space to learn, listen and/or share.



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We share our writings and illustrations through zine making.
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